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Medical Trends

What are the latest medical trends? What hot topics are in healthcare? What are some challenges the healthcare system is experiencing? Find out the answers to these and more questions in our in-depth medical journals from experts in Ireland and abroad.

Health Check

What does a full health check involve? How much would it cost? And what checks can be done at home or in the office? These are some questions we receive from our readers. We have the answers in our health tips section.

Health Check
Medical News

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I was recently researching a new medical procedure. Thankfully, I found a journal with all the details on it and even recommended it to my patient. Am glad my patient is now happy and healthy. Thank you MedPages!
Joshua Kalam
A New Procedure
Living a healthy life has been one of my biggest challenges. That all changed when I found an inspiring article on MedPages that literally changed my life in 30 minutes! Today, I live a full, healthy life!
Tiff J.
Healthy Living
We recently moved to a new city and had to look for a new doctor for my family. The comparison list I got from your website has been helpful. My family and I are now confident we have one of the best doctors in the country!
Tamara P.
Health Centre

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