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So Covid is over: Do we still need social distancing?

Stay vigilant

As we keep believing Covid is over, we keep the back door open for a re-emergence, and worryingly, more virulent strains. The pandemic is under control, not vanquished and our arrogance may yet prove very expensive. We are not fully out of the woods yet, and denialism is growing by the day.

Social media is the enemy of herd immunity

World Health Organization, Big Pharma, and New World Order, all popularized as part of the antivaccine naysayers’ arsenal of rhetoric. Who will even know how many people died needlessly, because unqualified experts used YouTube videos as academic intelligence, leading the utterly uninformed on a dark and deadly route? We may never know.

Social media as a vehicle for the dissemination of false news will be the topic when future generations look back at our generation, and they will shake their heads. If there is a future generation, to say. Because if popular opinion on social media has the last say, it may well be the actual last say.

We got lucky, friends

Through no fault of our own, we survived this one. Despite the naysayers, despite the conspiracy theorists and social media scientists, we managed to limp out the other side of the crucible, mostly intact but with a new normal that we hope includes more common sense than we presented this time.

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